Mugstagram: Ways to Boost Your Instagram with Mug Photography

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites where many people share their photos and videos. There are many ways to improve your Instagram account, but there is one way that showcases your creativity - mug photography! While not specific to just Instagram, mug photography can be used on any photo-sharing platform. The best part about mug photography is its creativity, which opens up a new world of possibilities.

In this blog, Berrycups takes you on a tour to explore 6 creative mug photography ideas, or – as they call it on Instagram – mug art. Boosting your Instagram account with mug photography is a great way to engage your audience and show them that you are a fun and creative person.

Cup comic - Instagram Mug Photography Ideas| Berrycups

Mug photography is a very popular form of modern photography because it allows photographers to take photos in front of their favourite coffee mugs. The photographer uses the mug as a backdrop for taking photos of their subjects or product shots. This type of photography is becoming more popular than ever before due to its simple yet creative nature which makes it perfect for boosting one's Instagram account.

Here are 5 creative mug photography ideas that will help you get more engagement on your Instagram account:

  1. Get Creative with Angles:

Angle centric photos - Instagram Mug Photography Ideas| Berrycups

Play with different camera angles to create dynamic and engaging shots. Here are some tips for getting creative with angles in your photography:

  1. Shoot from a low angle: Shooting from a low angle can make the subject appear larger and more imposing. This is a great when mugs are coupled with photographing buildings, statues, or other large objects.
  2. Shoot from a high angle: Shooting from a high angle can make the subject appear smaller and more vulnerable. This is great when mugs are paired with children, animals, or any subject that you want to emphasise a sense of innocence or fragility.
  3. Shoot from a wide angle: Shooting from a wide angle can capture more of the scene in your photo. This is a great technique for landscape photography or any situation where you want to capture the environment around your subject.
  4. Shoot from a bird's eye view: Shooting from a bird's eye view means taking photos from a very high angle as if you were looking down from the sky. 
  1. Give your mugs a retro touch with cool lightings.

Lights centric photos - Instagram Mug Photography Ideas| Berrycups

Add a retro vibe to your mug photography with some cool lighting techniques. Use vintage string lights or neon signs to create a warm and nostalgic atmosphere. Experiment with different angles and shadows to create a unique and eye-catching shot of your favourite mug. Share it on Instagram with a vintage filter to complete the retro look.

  1. Capture some candid moments while holding your favourite drink.

Candid photos - Instagram Mug Photography Ideas| Berrycups

Whether you're sipping on coffee or tea, hold your mug and go about your day. Snap some candid shots of yourself or those around you enjoying their favourite drink. These moments can be simple, but they capture the essence of everyday life. Share these shots on Instagram with a fun and relatable caption to connect with your audience.

  1. Create an artistic collage of your favourite photos from the past year.

Collage - Instagram Mug Photography Ideas| Berrycups

Creating an artistic collage of your favourite photos from the past year is a great way to showcase your photography skills and memories. You can experiment with different layouts, colours and textures to make your collage unique and visually appealing. With so many online tools and apps available, creating a collage has never been easier!

  1. Make a sketch of yourself.

Mug drawings - Instagram Mug Photography Ideas| Berrycups

Grab a sketchbook and start drawing your face on a mug. Make sure to add in some details that showcase your personality, like your favourite colour or a quirky accessory. Then, snap a photo of the mug and share it on Instagram with a fun caption that highlights your love for coffee or tea.

  1. Create something abstract using only colours and shapes from the mug.

shapes centric photos - Instagram Mug Photography Ideas| Berrycups

 Pour some paint onto a palette or paper plate and use the colours from your mug as inspiration. Dip various shapes into the paint and create an abstract painting, using the mug's colours as your guide. Once you're done, take a photo of your creation with the mug in the frame to show where the inspiration came from. Share it on Instagram with a creative caption to engage your followers.

Before you Post Your Mug Photos on Instagram,

In conclusion, mug photography is an excellent way to add visual interest and creativity to your Instagram feed. By using props, lighting, and angles, and incorporating your brand, you can create unique and engaging images that stand out on the platform. Whether you're using Berrycups or any other type of mug, there are countless ways to get creative with your photography and showcase your personal or brand identity. So, grab your favourite mug and start exploring these ideas to take your Instagram to the next level.